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General Users

General Users

Learn to master the applications on your phone, including social media, messaging and web browsing.

Get customized help setting up and using only the essential applications for you, including those related to health and safety.

Train your team on using the key applications for your business, such as account management, marketing, and inventory.

Available Courses

Cybersecurity Training

We offer comprehensive cybersecurity training services to help organizations and individuals strengthen their defenses against threats. Our training covers important topics such as:

We teach people how to identify phishing emails and malicious links trying to steal personal information or install malware.

We raise awareness of spoofing tactics where scammers disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity to trick victims. And pharming, where fraudsters redirect website traffic to a fake site to capture data.

We provide guidance on detecting unwanted spam emails and setting up effective spam filters and spam training datasets.

We explore how cybercriminals try to manipulate human psychology and get people to willingly provide access or information through deception and trickery.

We educate on enabling extra layers of security for accounts and systems using biometrics, security keys, codes sent to mobile devices and more.

Our trainings cover all aspects of digital safety like using strong and unique passwords, enabling 2-factor on accounts, being wary of unsolicited requests, protecting devices, staying vigilant, and more.

Whether you need training for your whole company, groups or individual users, we offer versatile and engaging cybersecurity education to help strengthen security culture, reduce risks, and enable digital transformation with confidence. Our programs can be delivered online, in-person or via a blended approach for the optimal learning experience.

Health Technology Training

We offer patient technology onboarding services to help introduce patients to new medical technologies, including:

We train patients on how to complete registration and check-in for appointments on the practice’s patient portal or website.

We prepare patients to participate in video visits with their doctors using telemedicine platforms. Patients learn how to use the necessary equipment, ensure a proper connection, and get the most out of their telemedicine visits.

We show patients how to use apps and online services to track medications, set reminders, and avoid dangerous drug interactions or duplicative therapies.

We teach patients to utilize our website and mobile apps to easily schedule, reschedule, cancel or request appointments with any of your providers.

We provide guidance on selecting apps that can help patients manage conditions like diabetes or heart disease, monitor activity and fitness, and gain greater insight into their health.

Our trainings cover all aspects of digital safety like using strong and unique passwords, enabling 2-factor on accounts, being wary of unsolicited requests, protecting devices, staying vigilant, and more.

Our goal is to give patients the knowledge and confidence to confidently use technology for a more convenient, connected and proactive approach to their health and healthcare. With our help, patients can stay on the cutting edge of innovations improving healthcare access, quality and affordability.

Small Business Technology Training

We offer technology onboarding and training services for small business owners to help them leverage their Cellphone, IPad, and other devices to boost productivity and cut costs. Our programs teach entrepreneurs how to utilize mobile apps and services to streamline key business functions so they can do more with less.

Some of the topics we cover include:

We show business owners how to use apps for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email, calendar, file sharing and more right on their devices.

We guide owners through mobile apps and services for invoicing, payments, expenses, accounting, and financial reporting to gain better control of the books.

We recommend and teach the use of apps and tools for email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, lead generation, CRM, and managing the sales funnel.

Our goal is to empower small business owners with the knowledge and skills to leverage the tools readily available on their devices in order to gain greater efficiency, enhance productivity, reduce costs and spend more time on the important things that truly matter to growing their business.

Happy and Healthy Life Training

We offer technology training services designed specifically for seniors to help them effectively use their iPhones, iPads, and other devices to enhance their daily lives. Our programs teach essential skills and demonstrate useful features and apps that make it easier to stay connected, access information, monitor health, and maintain independence.

Some of the areas we cover include:

We show how to make calls, send texts, photos and video messages to loved ones.

We guide seniors through setting up email accounts and connecting with friends/family on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

We teach how to get turn-by-turn directions to destinations, find nearby points of interest like restaurants or ATMs, and get estimated travel times for road trips.

We demonstrate how to conduct free video calls with services like FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp Video Calling and Facebook Video Chatting to stay in touch with geographically distant contacts.

We recommend and train the use of apps for monitoring conditions, taking medications, tracking metrics, tracking workouts, heart rate, sleep quality, scheduling doctors visits, and connecting with care teams.

We guide on using apps and tools for planning and preparing healthy, home-cooked meals. Some provide meal inspiration, grocery lists, calorie counting and more.

We show how to use the built-in calendar apps to log appointments, set reminders for medications/treatments, coordinate with caregivers or family members, and avoid missing important things.

We suggest apps designed to challenge memory, problem-solving skills, fast-thinking and logic with goals of keeping minds active, sharp and at peak performance as people age.

We educate on finding helpful content like audiobooks, ebooks, podcasts, music, radio, news, tutorials and more through app downloads, streaming services or podcast apps.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive yet gentle introduction to technology that empowers seniors and helps them take advantage of tools that can enrich and simplify their lives. We aim to build confidence by addressing concerns, covering topics at an easy-to-understand pace and providing ongoing support even after initial training. By gaining skills and confidence with health and wellness technology, seniors can take a more active role in managing their well-being, independence and longevity. Our training helps motivate and empower them to utilize innovative tools tailored to their needs

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