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Upcoming Cellphones will use the palm of the hand as Displays

Vancouver, Canada – In a recent TED talk, Imran Chaudhri, a former Apple employee who worked for the company for over twenty years, presented his vision of the future: a world where the traditional computer disappears. An artificial intelligence (AI) becomes an omnipresent part of our everyday lives. To demonstrate how AI will change the way we communicate, Chaudhri introduced a new wearable based on this cutting-edge technology called Humane.

Imran Chaudhri began his talk by discussing how, as the power of computers increases, the size of the devices decreases. He explained that cellphones are devices that give us access to the internet and fit perfectly in our pockets.

So, what comes next? According to him, most people might think of Augmented Reality (AR) devices, but he assured that the future would not be on our faces, and computers could eventually disappear altogether.

During the presentation, Chaudhri talk appeared to be interrupted by the insistent chime of a call. But instead of reaching for a device in his pocket, Chaudhri simply turned over his hand to gaze at his palm, ¨Sorry, this is my wife,¨he said, looking over at an alert lighting up on his palm about the call. As soon as he said “hello,” his wife’s voice could be heard.

Then, Chaudhri discussed Humane’s perspective on the question, “What comes next?” He explained that AI will be the driving force behind the next leap in device design.

He kept saying that after Bill Gates’ second major investment in ChatGPT, if we do the right thing, AI will offer us a world of possibilities to improve our lives.

Next, Chaudhri demonstrated how a small device located in his jacket, which didn’t need to be connected to any cellphone, worked. Through a series of questions and answers with the device, Chaudhri showed the audience how the new gadget used AI to answer the requested information. It could even translate a sentence into another language in his own voice and emotions using an AI model. Additionally, he demonstrated how it could read product labels and inform him if they were good for his health.

Chaudhri concluded his presentation by stating that the future of technology will not be on your face or in your hand instead it will become invisible.

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